Buyer's Agent

Buyer's Agent

What is a buyer's agent?

A buyer's agent provides assistance when buying a property; including the search for a home that meets the buyer's specifications down to closing the deal. A lot of homebuyers opts for a buyer's agent to guide them throughout complicated buying process, which involves not only weeks ,if not months, worth of legwork and a desk full of paperwork, but a lot of pitfalls as well.

Buyer's Agent Compensation

Generally, the commission fee for a house sale is 5 to 6 percent of the selling price, which is split between the seller's/listing agent and the buyer's agent. Typically, the commission fee is paid by the seller and not the buyer.

Palm Realty's Buyer Representation

As detailed in the prior sections, there are a lot of things involved in buying a home. Palm Realty makes the experience stress-free for the buyer. Here's what you can expect from us when representing buyers.

  • ◉ Local Real Estate Market Expertise
  • ◉ Professional Home Search for Homes that Meet the Buyer's Specifications
  • ◉ Qualifying Property Leads
  • ◉ Negotiating with the Seller's Agents
  • ◉ Assisting the Buyer with Financial Options
  • ◉ In case a loan is needed, we help buyers navigate the various financing options and help them decide which type of mortgage is best.
  • ◉ In addition to helping buyers understand the various options, Palm Realty can help you secure financing through its network of lenders.

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